Scientific event in Cuban hospital (28 Nov 2014):

Al Danah presented a big range of the most innovative products related to wound care and surgical devices.

Havana.- The Calixto García hospital, located in Havana, will hold a scientific conference in order to celebrate its 117th anniversary.

According to the organizers, the event comprises topics such as the technological and scientific development, as well as the improvement of the teaching and research processes in order to increase the quality of medical assistance and improve the health markers in the community.

In this sense, the event is open for doctors, health professionals, nurses, technicians and medical students.

Likewise, outstanding researchers and scientists from different scientific institutions, who will present their works and results, will take part in the event.

Also included are activities in different medical specialties such as Surgical Acupunctural Analgesia, Natural and Traditional Medicine, Emergency and Clinical Pathologies.