Company Profile

Al Danah Medical Company, established in 1990, is one of the leading distributors of medical, pharmaceuticals, bio-medical equipment, OTC products, medical disposable products & dermo-cosmetique products in Qatar.

It is located strategically to Hamad Medical Corporation (government-owned medical institution) and other private medical hospitals & polyclinics. The three-storey building consists of the store, warehouse & delivery facility with cold storage, individual offices for the administrative department, accounting department, marketing and sales department and principals/suppliers

During its 22 years of service in the distributorship business, it has established various linkages and partnership with leading suppliers in the Middle East Region, United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. With its commitment to customer service, Hamad Medical Corporation has been its key and top customer in this business for many years, including other private hospitals in the country, such as Al Ahli Hospital, Al Emadi Hospital and Doha Clinic Hospital.

Committed to its mission and vision, ADMC strives harder to provide the increasing demands of the healthcare sector and the community as well. At present, it has 51 personnel who works together to achieve the goals of the company. It continuously searches for ways on how to meet the expectations of the market to be able to maintain its good reputation and name in the business.


ADMC envisions to emerge as the leading and best distributor of medical, pharmaceuticals, biomedical and dermo-cosmetic products in the country; to cater to the needs of medical institutions in the country in order to improve the quality of life of individuals and the society in general.


“Commitment to provide high quality service, state-of-the-art facilities based on trends and technology, and full customer satisfaction to all clients and the healthcare sector.”


—Al Danah Medical is one of the few companies that is honored to have direct and easy access to the Apex Medical Institution through the government owned health sector and other private medical hospitals & polyclinics through the well established business network.

Al Danah Medical is proud of its known 3 story building. It compromises of store rooms with cooling systems, warehouses and delivery facility along with its highly connected Wi-Fi covered offices making it a reliable interconnected network for an optimum logistics.


—Through the years, we have built our business based on trust, honesty & determination.

—Our Business is consistent by complying with Statutory Regulations in all forms in order;

—To gain a legalized, authenticated & exclusive distributorship that coexists with our philosophy to ensure a smooth business transactions that always complies with the requirement of government health regulations


—Our appointed marketing professionals are highly equipped with the knowledge and the proper endorsement of our products to first spread awareness of available treatments and the beneficial results of such promoted products.

Our tight connection with the public health allows us to expand the products we represent in large volumes and always gives us that upper hand from the regional competitors.

—The data base and the computer generated statistical formulas we have build over many years, is our priceless strength that makes us always able to reach out to the public via the many windows that we have acquired in experience through the decades.

—Marketing through the digital sphere, through social network sites to TVs and radios; we would still sustain our voice through traditional newspaper and face to face with the targeted medical staff and frequent conferences to obtain every angle of the market.


—With our latest centralized software, every task in our operations, from doctor visits in both private and public sectors, financial transactions to the delivery of goods to the end user through out many and still expanding pharmaceutical chain shops through the country; our computerized system ensures zero errors in any of the procedures.

Reporting of Marketing work force are through advanced Electronic Reporting System.

Feedback & Campaign are recorded online on a daily basis which provides campaign value, call rate for products, statistic reports of staff performance & market response.

To ensure proper guidance, everyday facilities are provided during Reporting Session to handle & carry out the job to achieve the highest possible target.


Al Danah Medical strictly abides by the Rules & Guidelines prescribed by the Supreme Council of Health.

To abolish the complexity and local procedures for new international products entering the country and the GCC, we have dedicated a well organized and qualified professionals for handling matters relating to Drug & Regulatory Affairs such as Registration of International Companies, Products, Pricing, Pharmacovigilance etc.

Al Danah Medical constantly keeps a strong relationship and close personal bond with the officials of the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar to sustain our operations and to have an early insight of any bureaucratic potential obstacles in the near or far future.